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Freshman Orientation: Thursday, August 24- 10 AM-2PM, EOCHS Auditorium
Senior Schedule Distribution August 29 11AM-3PM...
Junior Schedule Distribution August 30 11AM-3PM...
Sophomore Schedule Distribution August 31 11AM-3PM
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 My goal is to increase students' ability to understand and put into practice subject area skill taught.To become familiar with and implement students' teaching strategies and academic goals indicated individual Education Plan. Effectively execute course of actions outlined in Teacher handbook regarding students' discipline procedures as well as utilizing his/her CST member. To implement various forms of student assessment,(vocabulary/problem solving/ project based), as well adhere to all requirements of the formative assessment. To increase the use of project based learning with the use of technology. To create an orderly, well structured environment that emphasizes efficiency and where the student is the primary focus.
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